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Own database of egg donors and surrogate mothers. Fast matching

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About our medical centre

«Victoria» Donation and Surrogacy Centre was created in line with one of the best reproductive clinics, which has been successfully helping couple from Ukraine and around the world overcome infertility since 2007.

We are convinced that our calling is to make families happy. After all, there is no greater joy than seeing a new mother and her healthy baby.

More than 3,000 children were born thanks to our experts! Babies are born in every second case thanks to the professionalism of our Reproduction and Embryology department and the latest assisted reproductive technologies that we use.

The goal of our Center — is to help couples get a full range of services, both health and legal.

The center offers its patients a very individual approach to the selection of donors and surrogate mothers, legal assistance at all stages of the service and maintenance up to labour.

Why choose us

The «Victoria» Centre for Donation and Surrogacy has began its work recently. However, the experience and effectiveness of «Victoria», speak for themselves. More than 3,000 babies were born thanks to our experts. Couples from Ukraine and around the world entrust us with the most precious thing — creating future generations.

Highly experiences staff, state-of-the-art equipment

Modern diagnostic methods

Own database of egg donors and surrogate mothers

Comprehensive support

Strict donor selection

Top quality service

Privacy of the process

Convenient geographic location

Healthy children are born into loving families thanks to “Victoria” Clinic.
And this is our main goal!


It is difficult to convey how grateful we are to the professionals at «Victoria.» Apart from the fact that there is a team of true specialists, they have not lost their humanity. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and for what continues to be with us in such a crucial period in our lives)).

Yanina and Nikita, Kyiv

Hello! After 15 years of trying to conceive, we turned to you. Three months ago, I became a father. Now I have two beautiful little daughters. Thank you not only for them but also for the comfort that you provide during procedures and documentation. Thank you on behalf of all those who became parents with your help! You are doing an incredible job!

Kirill, Krivyi Rig

Many thanks to the wonderful Lilia David, who helped my husband and I overcome psychological issues. After years of despair, we became happy parents!

Alena, Kyiv

Good afternoon! We would like to thank team “Victoria” for our long-awaited son! Special thanks to Irina Atamanchuk. This is specialist with a capital letter.

Constantin and Katherine, Sumy

Now I realized true happiness comes with children! It’s your merit. Thank you!

Gerald, USA

You, more than anyone, know the value of true happiness. Thank you for giving it to others!

Violetta and Max, Odessa

My husband and I upon our first arrival paid attention to the fact that each couple gets to choose their doctor. And we are not just patients for them and the people they want to help. We have two wonderful boys due experts «Victoria.» In the end, they were always there when we needed their help — via phone or Skype. We are happy we chose «Victoria,» because our family has become truly happy! Thank you!

Esther and Leah, Israel

We were looking for a clinic in Ukraine. We turned to «Victoria» on the advice of our friends.
What pleased us and that’s really important: visits to Ukraine save both time and money. At Victoria a team of true professionals quickly understood our situation and prescribed the necessary treatment. We are very happy to welcome and raise our Princess!

Alicia and Chris, Spain