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IVF and gamete donation

In 1944 infertile couples got hope. For the first time scientists in the United States have attempted to fertilize the egg outside the human body. This assisted reproductive technology was called in vitro fertilization (IVF). Dozens of years of work and a lot of experiments resulted in thousands of women today being able to conceive and give birth to healthy children.

The in vitro fertilization procedure happens the following way:

The growth of eggs is stimulated by drugs. The eggs are then extracted from the woman’s body, fertilized in vitro with sperm of her husband, and the resulting embryos (embryos) are cultured for 2-5 Day. Only then the embryo (s) is transferred into the uterine cavity of a woman.

IVF and donor programs

One method of in vitro fertilization is to use donated oocytes and/or sperm.

In this case, there are three options to consider:

  • A donated egg, fertilized by the sperm of the partner;
  • Donated sperm, which fertilizes the egg of the partner;
  • Both reproductive cells are donated.

When is donation of eggs needed?

Women resort to considering donated in cases where a woman’s own eggs are missing or they are not of good quality. Sometimes the egg donation is used in order to avoid the transmission of genetic diseases to the child.

Egg donation is an absolutely painless procedure.

On average, a healthy woman produces 400 000 oocytes during her life. Upon reaching adulthood the women is only left with 350-400 (one egg per month). For women suffering from infertility, donor eggs are the only opportunity to have their own children.

In which cases should you consider sperm donation?

If it the case of male infertility, the couple should consider resorting to donated sperm. Candidate donors undergo examinations and, if he is healthy, his sperm will be frozen. If after six months it has showed no sign of any disease, the donor genetic material will be used for artificial insemination.

The hard work of physicians around the world helped more than 6 million children to be born! Just think: six million infertile couples became happier when holding their child for the first time. This is the main mission of assisted reproductive technologies in general, and “Victoria” Clinic in particular.


Gamete donation program is absolutely anonymous and authorized by the legislation of Ukraine (MOH order № 787 from 9.09.2013).