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Surrogacy step by step

Using a surrogate mother — is not a luxury, not a whim and not a fashionable way to become parents. This is one of the methods of infertility treatment: the reproductive cells of the future parents are fertilized outside of the body and then embryo (s) is transferred into the uterus of a surrogate mother. This woman bears the entire pregnancy and then gives birth to the child. The most important part is that the baby biologically and legally is a child of parents whose cells were used for in vitro fertilization. There is no genetic connection between the child and the surrogate mother.

Today Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world, which regulates surrogacy at the legislative level and gives a chance to many infertile couples to become parents.

There are clear indications for surrogacy, regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 787 from 09.09.2013:

  • The absence of uterus (congenital or acquired).
  • Deformation of the cavity or congenital malformations or diseases which make it impossible to bear a child.
  • Adhesions of the uterus that are not subject to treatment.
  • Severe somatic diseases where pregnancy threatens the health or life of the woman, but that does not affect the future health of the child.
  • Failed retries of ART (4 or more) after repeated reception of high quality embryos, the transfer of which did not result in pregnancy.

The couple, who are admitted to the program of surrogate motherhood, must be officiallu married. Citizens of other countries are required to have their marriage certificate translated into Ukrainian and notarized.

The «Victoria» Clinic offers you some simple steps for couples who want to take advantage of the program of surrogate motherhood:

Step 1: As soon as the address of the clinic is requested, we will send a letter with a complete list of documents and a list of tests required for further tratment.

Step 2: Clients send all the necessary documents to us.

Step 3: If there are medical indications for an oocyte donation program, sperm donation and surrogacy, then we will send customers access to the donors of gametes (oocytes and sperm).

Step 4: A couple will be invited to a meeting to sign an agreement with the surrogate mother and an agreement with the Centre and the clinic for services.

Surrogacy program consists of:

  • The medical unit;
  • the legal part.

The medical aspect of surrogate motherhood

Selection, evaluation and preparation of the surrogate mother for embryo transfer. After selecting the surrogate mother, she will undergo tests and the preparation of the endometrium. During the preparation hormones are administered to accelerate the maturation of the endometrium (the inner layer of the uterus). This is necessary in order to prepare the uterus for the implantation of the embryo. At the same time embryos are prepared and then tey are transferred into the surrogate. During the program, you may end up with more embryos than necessary for one transfer. Therefore, the embryos that remain after the transfer can be cryopreserved if the parents wish to do so. If necessary, they can be used for future embryo transfers.

After confirming the pregnancy, the surrogate mother is under the supervision of specialists until the child is born.

The legal side of surrogate motherhood

«Victoria» Clinic provides legal support of the surrogacy program after contacting the Centre up until the child’s birth certificate in registered in Ukraine.